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Esports betting is a term used for placing real money wagers on games played by professional players. There are over 15 Esports available. However, not all of them are popular.

In 2015, a total of 315 million USD was wagered on Esports. 2019, however, broke the records with over 13 billion USD wagered on various Esports matches.

As you can see from the numbers above, this industry is becoming insanely popular. Sketchy bookmakers are appearing regularly. This is why we at EsportsBettingPro work hard to ensure that your Esports bets are placed only at legit Esports betting sites.

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  • 9+ Esports to bet on


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  • Skins deposit available

  • 13+ Esports to bet on

  • High odds


unibet esports betting site

Money-back up to €/$40

  • Low minimum deposit

  • Spectacular coverage

  • Very high odds


lootbet esports betting sites

100% up to €/$100

  • Constant promotions

  • Wide range of matches to bet on

  • 3 types of Esports betting


ggbet esports betting site

100% up to €/$100

  • Insane coverage

  • 40+ special bets per match

  • Low minimum deposit($1)


arcanebet esports betting sites

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  • Competitive odds

  • 7+ Esports to bet on


What Are the Most Popular Esports to Bet on?

If you take a dive deep into Esports, you’ll find out that there are a lot of Esports available to bet on. Keep in mind that not all of them are covered in great depth. This is why we’ll list the popular Esports to bet on below.


Esports betting is legal, but not for everyone. First things first, you need to be 18+ in order to sign up for an account with Esports betting sites.

Secondly, your country is regulated by laws that apply to you. For instance, Esports betting in the USA is limited to a certain degree because of the laws.

All in all, if you want to ensure that your Esports bets are legal, you can always scroll through the terms and conditions of a particular site, locate the restricted countries section and see if yours is included

How Are Esports Betting Sites Regulated?

If Esports betting sites want to run their business, they have to be licensed and regulated by a commission. Here’s a quick rundown of the strictest commissions and licenses on the market.

The main goal of every commission and license is to keep crime away from gambling, to protect minorsother people that are at risk. On top of that, their job is to ensure that the site that acquired a license is running a fair business and that all of your winnings will be paid in full.

How Does a Good Esports Bookmaker Look Like?

There are a lot of boxes a certain Esports bookmaker will have to tick in order to be worth your money. If you don’t know how to determine whether you found a good place for your Esports bets, here are the main parameters that you should look out for.


Esports odds are very important and here’s why. Value is presented through odds. This is why you should always be on the lookout for the highest odds on the market.

However, this means that you’ll have to sign up for an account with several Esports betting sites. From our perspective, this will definitely payout as it never happened that every site provides exactly the same odds.

It’s also important to mention that there are a few Esports betting sites that will provide enhanced Esports odds as a type of promotion. Let’s explain this through an example. Regular odds on a match you want to bet on vary from 2.00 to 2.10. However, Betway announced enhanced odds for this match and they’ll provide odds of 3.00.


Pre-match Betting – traditional betting option that is considered as bread and butter for the best Esports operators. In most scenarios, you’ll be placing a match-winner bet before the match starts.

Live Betting – highly profitable type of Esports betting. As the name says, this betting option is purely dedicated to the matches that are being played live.

Outright Betting – similar betting option to pre-match betting. However, outright betting on Esports is focused on high odds and tournament outcomes such as “tournament winner”.

Fantasy Betting – by far the most budget-friendly and exciting form of Esports gambling. Create your ideal line-up, earn points for various statistics and compete against other players for cash prizes.


Special or so-called prop bets are basically additions to all types of Esports bets. Placing a real money bet on match-winner simply won’t cut it anymore.

This is why the best Esports betting sites will provide various special Esports bets. Keep in mind that you can find special/prop bets for pre-match, live & outright betting.

Here’s a list of the most used special bets that can be found on any Esports bookmaker.


In order to get the most out of your deposits, Esports betting sites put in place various promotions and welcome packages. Before claiming your bonus, we advise you to read through bonus terms & conditions.

By doing this, you know what you’re getting and what are the requirements you need to meet before being able to withdraw bonus funds you received.

There are various Esports bonuses & promotions available. Leading the charge are deposit bonuses. In most cases, this type bonus will match(100%) your first deposit.

Alongside deposit bonuses, free bets and risk-free promotions are also a thing. Certain Esports bookies will ask for personal or banking information before granting you a free bet.

As for the risk-free promotions. Essentially, they’re considered as a form of deposit bonus but without hard wagering requirements. If you miss your first bet, betting site will refund your stake.


There are a lot of Esports payment methods that you can choose from. It’s important to mention that deposit and withdrawal options depend on the Esports betting site that you want to place your bets on. On top of that, your region can restrict some of the options that are available for other gamblers.

When it comes to payment methods, you’ll most likely run into three main types which are:

Credit cards are by far the easiest Esports payment option. Deposits are instant while withdrawals can take up to 2-8 working days(depends on the betting site). 99% of sites will accept both VISA and MasterCard while there are also betting sites that accept American Express and Maestro.

eWallets are another excellent payment option. Deposits are instant(even though it may take them 3-5 minutes to process the order). On top of that, certain Esports operators will pay you out instantly to your eWallet. There are over 50 eWallets to choose from. However, we’d recommend you to use Skrill, PayPal or Neteller.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular. This is why Esports operators are starting to accept this type of payment. The best thing about crypto is anonymity. On top of that, both deposits and withdrawals are instant. Most betting sites will accept Bitcoin, Ehtereum and Litecoin.

There are plenty other Esports payment options such as pre-paid cards, SIM payments, gift cards, bank wire transfers. However, these aren’t that popular.

Keep in mind that minimum and maximum deposits vary from site to site. Minimum deposits are €/$5 or €/$10 in most scenarios. However, some of the best Esports betting sites will also accept €/$1 deposits.


Problems are part of our lives. Esports betting operators acknowledged that hence why various customer support methods are at your disposal. Even though every 40th gambler will encounter a problem, precautions have been put in place.

The most popular customer support method by far is live chat. In most scenarios, you’ll have your query answered or problem solved in no time. Alongside live chat, email support is available. Keep in mind that email support will take much more time, roughly around 24 hours before your query is solved.

Alongside these two popular methods, certain bookmakers will hook you up with phone numbers(be careful with those, fees apply to certain countries).