Consolidation final of ESL One: Road to Rio – Europe is live shortly and we at EsportsBettingPro want to share an in-depth analysis regarding this  CSGO match. Alongside our G2 vs FaZe betting prediction, you’ll find out who offers the highest odds on this match and how do these two teams match against each other.


Since both teams played a lot of matches during ESL One: Road to Rio, we’ll have an excellent insight into the current form and playstyle these two teams are bringing to the table. Let’s start with the form.


In order to create a visual for you, we’ll take into account the last 5 matches FaZe and G2 played.


G2 looked decent in their last 5 bouts. They’ve accumulated 3 victories and two defeats. Firstly, they defeat c0ntact with a swift 2-0 match. Both Mirage and Overpass were quite comfortable maps for G2.

First problems occurred once G2 faced off against North. Even though Vertigo was quite close, G2 grabbed a 16-14 victory. On their map pick, G2 had nothing to offer and North forced a decider on Nuke. After a back and forth action, North was the luckier team as they sealed the series with a 19-16 scoreline.

As always, G2 had nothing to offer against the Danish CSGO roster, This time around, G2 lost both Vertigo and Overpass. All in all, this was a one-sided match.

After being dropped to the lower bracket, we were expecting G2 to dominate everyone there. However, they were almost knocked out by Heretics. Once again G2 struggled on Nuke, especially on the T-side but they were able to grab a 16-14 victory there. Dust 2 was one-sided until G2 shut down completely and they allowed Heretics to fight back. Lastly, G2 struggled yet again on the T-side, this time on Mirage. This map could go either way and nexa and co. got lucky yet again.

In the lower bracket final, G2 was matched against fierce rivals, Vitality. Guess what, G2 once again played all 30 rounds on Nuke and they were able to edge out another 16-14 win. They lost Vertigo despite having a double-digits on the halftime. Lastly, we’ve seen the third 16-14 scoreline in this series that pushed G2 to the consolidation finals.


Let’s move on with this G2 vs FaZe betting prediction. In their last 5, FaZe won 4 while only losing once.

Firstly, they completely battered GODSENT on Overpass and Nuke as they left them without a fighting chance.

Even though Copenhagen Flames surprised FaZe on Inferno, things got heated really fast and Danish CSGO squad couldn’t take the heat. Once again, NiKo and his squad looked really good as they dominated both Train and Dust 2.

C0ntact was by far the worst team in Group B. FaZe acknowledged that but they showed respect. Inferno was a one-way street as FaZe left c0ntact with 9 rounds there. Dust 2 was competitive during the first 30 rounds. However, FaZe upped their game in overtime in order to close this series with a 19-15 victory.

FaZe had a difficult task in front of themselves once they faced off against NiP, but they pulled through. Honestly, this match could have easily gone the other way around but FaZe got lucky. Despite losing Overpass, FaZe won both Mirage and Train in overtimes.

We all know that Astralis is one the level above everyone else. They proved that against FaZe as they left them without a fighting chance on Inferno and Dust 2.


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We believe that we’ve created an excellent map pool breakdown regarding this G2 vs FaZe betting prediction. Let’s start with the basics.

Vertigo is a no-go for FaZe and this will be their first ban. On the other hand, G2 never plays Overpass and it would be a reasonable fan for them.

As for the other maps in the pool. We’re heavily favoring FaZe on Mirage as G2 struggled a lot on this map. Inferno is a coinflip in our opinion. If we had to give someone an advantage there, it would be G2.

In all honesty, both teams didn’t look good on Nuke in their last outings. G2 had a lot of 16-14 victories on this map and from our perspective, these are padded stats. In their last two Nuke matches, FaZe defeat North and GODSENT so they have that going for them.

We’re really impressed with how good FaZe looked on Train in their last outings. G2, however, got defeated twice by mousesports and they didn’t show anything on this map.

Dust 2 is another coinflip that will be contested really hard. We don’t think that either one of these teams will pick this map. A very even match-up on this map. You can find our veto prediction below.


Form-wise, both teams are looking sharp. However, we give FaZe an edge here. They bested everyone quite comfortably, except Astralis. On the other hand, G2 struggled in their games and most of their victories are on the back of 16-14 thrillers.

From our perspective, map pool is heavily favoring FaZe in this match-up and this is what our G2 vs FaZe betting prediction relies the most on. It’s also important to mention that FaZe got the better of G2 on Dust 2 in their last two matches on this map.

To summarize this G2 vs FaZe betting prediction. Better form and stronger map pool are two big things that every team will capitalize on. We were all expecting Astralis to beat FaZe. This doesn’t mean that they’re a bad team, they simply ran into someone who’s better than them. At this moment, G2 isn’t better than FaZe hence why a clear victory for FaZe is an excellent pick. What an excellent match before DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 betting is live.

You can watch the match here.


Odds for European Bettors: 1.65

Odds for USA bettors: -149